The Second Sunday of Advent

Throughout this new liturgical year, Christians will read the Gospel of Mark on Sundays. His brief writing begins with this title: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” These words allow us to evoke something of what we will find in his story.

With Jesus “Something new begins.” It is the first thing that the Evangelist Mark wants to make clear. The past belongs to the past. Undoubtedly, Jesus is the beginning of something new. In the story, Jesus will say that “This is the time of fulfillment.” With Him comes the good news of God.

This is what the early Christians are experiencing. Whoever encounters Jesus and leaps into His mystery knows that with Him a new life begins, something that they had never experienced before.

What they find in Jesus is “Good News.” Something new and good. Mark uses the word “gospel” frequently among the first followers of Jesus and expresses what they feel when they meet Him. A feeling of liberation, joy, security, and the disappearance of fear. In Jesus they meet “the salvation of God.”

When someone discovers in Jesus the God who is the friend of mankind, the Father of all peoples, the defender of the least, the hope of the lost, he knows that he will not find better news. You will not be able to dedicate yourself to anything greater than Jesus’ project to work for a more humane, dignified, and happy world.

This Good News is Jesus himself, the protagonist of the story that Mark is going to write. That is why his primary intention is not to offer us doctrine about Jesus or to provide us with biographical information about him, but to seduce us so that we open ourselves to the Good News that we can only find in him.

Have a blessed weekend,

Fr. Andres Arango



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