This Missing Piece: Easter

The resurrection means a total change in the destiny of Jesus and in the relationship with his disciples. With the resurrection, Jesus begins a new life. But his new way of existing does not consist of a return to the world of the living to die again, as what happened to the people he resurrected. It inaugurates a different way of existence that our poor and limited words cannot express.

The resurrection also produces a radical transformation in the disciples who, until then, had not fully understood the project of Jesus. The resurrection opened their eyes to understand God's plan.

Believing in the Risen One is trusting in a life with no poverty, pain, sadness. And  no one will need to cry.

Believing in the Risen One is to approach those without health, the chronically ill, the physically and mentally disabled, the depressed, the weary and struggling. with a sense of hope. One day they will know what it is to live with peace and total health.

Believing in the Risen One is to not surrender that God is forever a "hidden God" of whom we cannot know his gaze, his tenderness and his embraces. In Jesus, we will find Him incarnated forever gloriously.

Believing in the Risen One is trusting that our efforts for a more humane and happy world will not be lost in desertedness.

Believing in the Risen One is hoping that the joyful times and the bitter experiences, the "legacy" that we have left, what we have generously built or enjoyed, will be transfigured. We will no longer experience the parting of a friendship, the end of a party or the farewell that saddens. God will be all in all.

Whoever lives in the spirit of the risen Christ understands that the dark door of time with its future has been opened. Whoever has hope lives differently; has been given a new life. Faith built on the grounding of a risen Jesus, is solid against any trial.

With Easter, there is life, and where there is life, there is God. With Christ, death is overcome, and in it all our fears and insecurities. With certainty, the missing piece is: Christ.

Have a Blessed Easter!

 Fr. Andrés Arango



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