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Sunday Mass - A "Little" Easter

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 6/06/21

+ The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ +   Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,   In the Gospel of Saint John, the Lord Jesus tells us, “If you love me, keep my commands.” Participation in Mass on Sundays is one of the most practical ways Catholics ... Read More »

Our New School Principal

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 4/16/21

Join me in welcoming Mrs. Rachel Gatson, our new School Principal!


This Missing Piece: Easter

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 3/26/21

The resurrection means a total change in the destiny of Jesus and in the relationship with his disciples. With the resurrection, Jesus begins a new life. But his new way of existing does not consist of a return to the world of the living to die again, as what ... Read More »

The Second Sunday of Lent - February 28, 2021

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 2/25/21

Every time we have less time to listen. We do not know how to calmly and without prejudice, approach the heart of others. We fail to hear the message that every human being can communicate to us. Locked in our own problems, we pass people, hardly stopping to really ... Read More »

Ash Wednesday - February 17, 2021

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 2/02/21

"Come, let us return to the Lord..."  (Hosea 6:1)

How do we observe Ash Wednesday this year?

Ash Wednesday is an obligatory day of fasting for Catholics from age 18 until age 59. The minimum in fasting is to limit yourself to one modest meal and two small meals ... Read More »

Will there be Christmas?

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 12/23/20

Will there be Christmas?

Of course!

More silent and with more depth.More like unto the first one, when Jesus was born in solitude.

Without many lights on earth but with the star of Bethlehem shining on paths of life in its immensity.

Without colossal royal processions but with the humility of feeling ... Read More »

The Second Sunday of Advent

Posted by Gregg Schockman on 12/06/20

Throughout this new liturgical year, Christians will read the Gospel of Mark on Sundays. His brief writing begins with this title: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” These words allow us to evoke something of what we will find in his story.

With ... Read More »